Farrah Abraham's Journey Thus Far

    "Farrah Abraham is one to watch in 2020 now completing her BFA in Entertainment Business at The Los Angeles Film School to complete September 2020. Farrah Abraham a windowed teen mother a minority of only 1.97% in the nation achieving success when all odds against her. 

Having started as a young reality television star on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant to global TV franchise “Teen Mom”, emerged as an New York Times best selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Advocate for women empowerment, making history multiple times for decreasing teen pregnancies, nominated for countless awards, Entrepreneurial spirit with multiple companies on Inc. 5000 list (Furniture, Children’s products, frozen yogurt) SXSW Entrepreneur keynote speaker, multiple international celebrity licenses & Mother of one Sophia Abraham age 11. 

Farrah Abraham has become an established public figure, Icon, leader in entertainment with a growing empire. At the tender age of 16, Abraham evolved from Iowa as a high school cheerleader and aspiring model to teenage mom-to-be as documented in the MTV series “16 & Pregnant” by Tony Disanto, Liz Gatly and Lauren Dolgen. Abraham faced single motherhood head-on as she dealt with the passing of the father of her child two months prior to her daughter Sophia’s birth. The young star’s story would eventually captivate international audiences and make her a fan favorite, creating the opportunity for Abraham to star in MTV’s spin-off series, “Teen Mom.” After several seasons on MTV, Abraham pursued higher education and has continued to build her brand. 

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Farrah is known for “Breaking The Cycle”, she is proud she has diminished the negative stigma’s associated with being a teen parent.

Over the span of her blossoming career, Abraham has graced the covers of top magazines, such as People, Us Weekly and Life & Style and many more. The icon has also been featured on dozens of commercials and networks, including ABC, WE, VH1, MTV, Bravo, E!, FOX, NBC and many more! As a top international personality, Abraham has used her star power for advocacy projects. In August 2012, she released her first New York Times best-selling autobiography, My Teenage Dream Ended, which sold over 500,000 copies. Abraham’s personal account of being a teen mother allowed her to reach fans on an international scale, which led to the release of her collection of therapeutic music singles. 

Through personal appearances, Abraham has become the main attraction at nightlife venues and exclusive events around the world, which leverages her wide range of endorsements. The entrepreneur works with beverage companies, lifestyle brands, travel brands, as well as with parenting and education companies to spread positive messages about their organizations and products. Farrah is known for “Breaking The Cycle”, she is proud she has diminished the negative stigma’s associated with being a teen parent by showing her life example which holds true after completing a decade on the MTV franchise show, as she stood for social change coming into the project Farrah left the show winning for a a different social change as the show took a negative turn Sex shaming woman. Since Farrah’s departure the show reaches historically low ratings and failed to fill the icons placement. 

Farrah turned Sag Aftra after leaving the decade with the show from her comedy special with Dave Attel at the comedy under ground,her focus and drive to expand upon her strategic acting, screen writing, directing, producing career for her continued developments on her own social channels emerged. Farrah Abraham is completing her screen play screen writing, directing and produce her first feature film based off her best selling memoir “My Teenage Dream Ended”

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